Procrastination Professional: 6 countries later and I am writing my first post

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Since a lot of my friends and family are asking to read about my travel, I have decided (decided a long time ago, actually started writing it now) to start writing a little blog to keep everyone updated with what I have done, the places I have gone to, and whatever appropriate and inappropriate things I want to share with everyone.  Please keep an open mind for my grammatical mistakes, as there will probably be a lot of them.

So far I have traveled through Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and now I am here in Serbia. It has been a long journey since I took off on May 1. It hasn’t necessarily been easy but everyday I am learning something new whether is about the city or myself.

Traveling alone is a little harder then I expected.  When I was planning and preparing this trip, not once I’ve thought about preparing myself mentally and psychologically. It hit me when I was on the flight from Denver to Reykjavik. Am I really doing this for 4 months? Is this real life? Loads of loneliness started gushing through my whole self. Minutes later loneliness started fading away as I watched a few episodes of “Discover Iceland” on the in-flight entertainment system. They showed some highlights of what you could do in Iceland. Excitement, anticipation and loneliness were going around circles in my head. The moment I landed in Reykjavik everything started to get real; figuring out how to get to my hostel, which shuttle is cheaper etc. Putting up my backpack on my back and adjusting all the 20 straps for the first time gave me some sort of magical power, I instantly felt like I could do anything and nothing is going to stop me from finishing this 4-month trip.

When I thought about writing a blog to keep friends and family updated with my travel I chose the name “Nom Nom Nomads”. Side notes: according Urban Dictionary, one of the many explanations for the phrase “Nom Nom” is “The sound made by the cookie monster from Sesame Street while he is eating his cookies.” Anyone who knows me know food is the 2nd love of my life and I spend more time watching the Food Network than Alex watching the NBA. (Tough call!) Culture and food are inseparable. To learn about a culture you must learn about its food.  Originally I planned to focus my travel around what people eat and how people prepare their food in other parts of the world. Reality sunk in when I landed in Iceland. With my backpacker budget traveling around the Scandinavia and Western Europe, I have been surviving nothing more than bread and butter, hostel breakfast and simple food from the grocery store. I do occasionally let myself splurge a little and have lunch or dinner with my new friends and have a beer or two (Ok, maybe 3.) I bought the domain before I leave so I might as well use it even my travel is less gourmet focused than I had original planned.

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6 thoughts on “Procrastination Professional: 6 countries later and I am writing my first post

  1. Cherry I’m glad to see that you’re finally writing a blog! I’ll subscribe so I can stay updated on your adventures. I can’t believe some of the places you’re getting to visit. Your photographs are beautiful.

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