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How to Get a Prepaid Sim Card With Internet in Germany?

Finding a prepaid sim in Germany and no German skills required.

A German girl I from my hostel in Reykjavik happened to be from the area and recommended if I were to stop somewhere in Western Germany, I should go to Köln.  After The Hague, I was trying to figure out how to get to Berlin with the least amount of money. Train was very expensive according my backpacking budget; flying was even more expensive and more time consuming. Thanks to the well–developed autobahn, cheap bus services are cheap (only €22) and quite comfortable although from Cologne to Berlin takes 7.5 hours. It was cold and rainy the whole time so nothing much was done due to the short stay and inclement weather.

A Mandatory Stop At the Kölner Dom – the Cologne Cathedral

The view you get right out of Cologne central station

Why was it mandatory? Because you don’t even need to plan a visit when you get into Cologne. I took the train from Den Haag Centraal to Köln Hbf. When you get out of the Hbf, there you are – the impressive and magnificent cathedral right in front of your eyes. You just can’t miss it, it’s right there.

Something was obviously going on when I arrived. There were at least 200 priests standing outside of the Dom in a line. Numerous police officers were around as well. There were crowds everywhere. I suspected it was some kind of religious ceremony.

Sea of priest..

After a short walk I got to my hostel, dropping of my bags and headed out for a walk in the city. I also had a mission – to find a German prepaid sim card. I walked across the Hohenzollern-Brücke (Hobenzollern Bridge) and just aimlessly walking around.

All over Western Europe you will see couples hang a lock on the bridge resemble of their forever love, Hobenzollern Bridge is no exception. I found it quite silly, but maybe I’m just not a romantic person. The rainy weather added a shade of grey to everything. I’m sure Cologne is a beautiful charming city but when rain was pouring it was hard to see.

Best Pre-paid Sim in Germany

Since I will be in Germany for roughly 3 weeks, I decided to pick up a prepaid German sim card for Internet to make my life easier while traveling around the country. I thought Media Markt (the equivalent of BestBuy in the US) had to have it, but no, they didn’t. So I was just walking up and down the major shopping street in Cologne and finally saw this little cell phone shop on the main walking street and asked them about the prepaid sim. YES. They have it! The shop manager recommended BLAU Internet ready card. It was €25.90 for 1GB of 3G data for 30 days. They store manager was so nice, since I don’t speak German, she did all the setting up work for me including calling customer service to make sure the card was indeed working. When she found out it would take 30 minutes for the card to be activated, she told me to come back in 30 minutes to make sure everything was working fine.  Great customer service!

Best German Prepaid Sim!

Photo source: Flickr

  • How to get a pre-paid sim with internet in Germany?

  1. Look for a local cellphone store.
  2. Ask for the BLAU prepaid sim and pay €9.90 for the pre-loaded sim.
  3. Load €15 on the card.
  4. Ask the sales people at the store to help you to call customer service to activate the card and choose the €9.99 1GB plan.
  5. Change APN settings in your phone to blau’s APN settings.
  6. Immediately Instagram your current location.

I was just in Cologne for one short day, the next morning; I mean morning, 5am in the morning. I took a train to Dusseldorf where I would catch the big green bus to Berlin.

photo by: kalleboo
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